Why we created Trade in Ghana

Ghana is one of the most significant emerging economies worldwide. There are many businesses that are not benefiting from the wealth of unique products coming out of this region. We wanted to simplify the process and make sure that businesses across the world could access a B2B marketplace for trade.

On Trade in Ghana we unite farmers, agro processors and top manufacturers across Ghana to build a network that would not only drive trade throughout Ghana, but give our clients access to the best new goods at incredible pricing.

Our project is working to improve intra African trade as well as inter-continental trade.

Trade In Ghana
Trade In Ghana

A simple digital solution

Trade in Ghana has the goal of becoming the top B2B platform for trade throughout Ghana. We want to simplify gaps in trading with retail, manufacturing and in many industries throughout the world. We are developing a digital platform that will serve as the best development solution throughout Ghana. The platform is designed to promote the development of manufacturing, agriculture and more. As our platform develops we can counter inequality to access ensuring that manufacturers and agricultural producers will be able to trade throughout Africa and the world on our platform.

Check out our listings

Our platform makes it easy to list products to a worldwide marketplace. Sellers have the option to customize their listing, set up the price and negotiate with a worldwide audience.

Efficiency and cost savings

Built right into the platform are countless tips, market analysis tools and a variety of international news on African trade and topics related to the worldwide trade market. Combining all these tools together makes it easy to keep up on industry trends and get results for your business.

Customer service guarantee

We will remain attentive to every customer. When you post a request through our messaging system, you can engage with our staff and get the answers you need directly on the platform.

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